Your unique HUNT

Contact us to design your experience at Shikwaru.  We are able to accommodate individual hunters as well as groups with as many as 8 hunters hunting at the same time.  Our seasoned professional hunters will be a key part of making this dream hunt come true.  Every one of our team, who will serve you whilst you are visiting Shikwaru, will reflect the values we hold dear to ensure an experience of a lifetime for each of our clients. 


In South Africa, our seasons are reversed from those of you who will be traveling from north of the Equator. This means that our spring to summer months fall between September to April, while our winter months are during May to August. Our winters can get quite chilly – most of the time, our early mornings will be around 30-40 (°F), and by mid afternoon, the temperature can sometimes reach into the low 70’s (°F).  At the Shikwaru hunting outfit we are able to hunt year-round, however, we would recommend hunting from February till October – as these are the most mild weather months of the year.

Your choice of weapon

We are well positioned to assist you in your choice of hunt.  We offer hunting with bows, crossbows and rifles.  Shikwaru boasts a fully equipped Mathews Bow shop (bring foto in van winkel) to serve our clients in every need they may have during their stay.  We can assist you in the process of bringing your own weapons, or you will be able to hire ours during your stay at Shikwaru.

Daily Fees

Your hunting daily fee will include everything, with the exception of your choice of trophy and the cost of the taxidermist.  Snacks,drinks, transport, skinning, permits, professional hunting guide etc will be provided with no additional cost to you whilst as Shikwaru.

Meals and laundry services

Our well-known Shikwaru chef will cater your meals according to your preferences.  Game meats are always served as a wonderful part of the experience at Shikwaru.  Special menus can arranged for any dietary restrictions.  We offer a laundry service at no extra cost to the hunters.


African animals are tough!  Hunting in Africa for the first time or even seasoned hunters have realized the uniqueness of our animals.  Everything from shot placement to tracking differs from hunting animals in other parts of the world. With so many species and animal patterns to consider, you can rest assured that our professional hunters and guides will do their best to ensure a successful hunt for each of our clients.  Come and learn about more than just the animals, experience Africa on foot, or in a safari vehicle in ways few have had the opportunity to do.  Once you have taken an animal, our skilled staff of skinners and trackers will do their best to ensure you walk away with many great memories! 


Breeding for inches and the repopulation of unique African animal species

At Shikwaru, we love our animals! Come and enjoy a well-oiled breeding operation, enabling us to repopulate several scarcer species of antelope.  Come and enjoy years of experience and quality trophies as a result of the breeding efforts at Shikwaru.

The breeding of scarcer animals has and continues to help us invest in the lives of many children in Africa through the mission of Reaching a Generation.

Walking at Shikwaru has been likened to walking in the garden of Eden; with such variety it will blow your mind!



Alternatively, you are welcome to contact our team via telephone or email.

In your email, please include as much details as possible. 

  • Will you be hunting solo / special group?
  • How big will your hunting party be?
  • Will you be hunting with a rifle or a bow?
  • Which animals would you prefer to hunt?
  • What time of year is best for you? 

These details will help us to serve you and assist in getting your perfect hunt set-up.  You will receive a response shortly following your inquiry.

All information regarding visas, what to pack for your trip, as well as travel arrangements will be communicated to you upon receiving your booking request. 


If you prefer to hunt with your personal gear, you are welcome to bring it with you. There is paper work involved in bringing firearms through South African customs.​​​ We can assist you with this process.

Shikwaru Hunting is equipped with an array of rifles, bows and cross bows to suit your hunting needs. Come and stroll through our onsite Matthews bow shop for all of your hunting needs.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Shikwaru Hunting follows strict firearm and bow safety procedures and guidelines set by our internal policies and South African governmental standards.

At the start of your hunt, bow or rifle, you will be taken to a shooting range to sight your weapon of choice.

We specialize in helping novice and experienced hunters in preparing you for the hunt of your lifetime.



Our team at Shikwaru will ensure your trophies have the best care.

From the skinning process all the way to the taxidermist, we will stay involved in this process until our clients have received their well-deserved trophies from the taxidermist.

Costs for the trophies will be sent to you upon receiving your inquiry.

Cost of trophies will not include taxidermy.


Shikwaru is closely monitoring the local and global health situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

For more information and important campus updates, visit