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Shikwaru offers a unique hunting opportunity in the world famous Waterberg region of the Limpopo province of South Africa. This hunting outfit is owned by a non-profit called Reaching a Generation, that does relief and ministry work in Southern Africa. Join our family of hunters, where hunting your dream trophy allows you to touch the lives of families and youth in Africa!

“Creating memories that will last a lifetime,”  is our motto. Enjoy professional and personal custom-made services for you and your group at Shikwaru. 

While staying at the luxurious Shikwaru Lodge with its many family-centered activities, you will be able to enjoy the hunt of a lifetime amongst friends.


Whether you are a novice getting ready for your very first hunt, or a seasoned professional, Shikwaru Hunting aims to provide you with an experience you will be talking about for years to come!  It is more than an event – It is an experience to hunt with us.

We live to help create memories that will last you a life time. Wether you are hunting solo, or with a group – When you are hunting with our professional guides you will feel like your hunting with family! Your stay at Shikwaru offers several options from roughing it in the bush, to high end luxury accommodations. No matter your style, we’ve got spot for you!


By partnering with Reaching a Generation, a non profit that does relief and ministry work in Southern Africa, we aim to not only help you take home your dream trophy, but to allow you to touch the lives of families and youth!

Memories are also  made beyond hunting – Everything from Big 5 Game drives, to lion walks, to elephant rides! Enjoy your experience at Shikwaru and surrounding attractions! 

Be the envy of friends and others as you tell stories and share your memories following a hunt at Shikwaru.