Shikwaru Hunting is a proud partner of Reaching a Generation.

Reaching a Generation is a ministry based non-profit that was founded in South Africa. The goal of the ministry is to influence the influencers in the lives of children and youth.

More Than a Once in a Lifetime Experience

well girl

Hunting with us also supports a broad range of RELIEF and SOCIAL SERVICES.

Our profits help to contribute to the health and happiness of the next generation of African children and families.

From community work in South Africa to drilling fresh water wells in Zambia, your hunt is also helping to change lives!

Up to one third of your hunt can be donated to the children of Africa!

Hunting to further the kingdom of God

Through various strategies and ministry initiatives, Reaching a Generation has been furthering the work of the Gospel in South Africa since 2003.

Through the ministry base run and operated in Zambia, Reaching a Generation is able to be
hands on daily, as they invest in the lives of the people of the Western Province.

An Eternal Impact Through Your Hunt!

Reaching a Generation is helping to uplift the spiritual atmosphere in South Africa every day through…

  • Leadership camps
  • Archery based ministry
  • Community wide outreaches
  • Educator and children’s worker development

Over the years, Reaching a Generation has also begun working in the Western Province of Zambia. The work is helping to feed, educate, disciple, and save lives.

Reaching a Generation Zambia operates…

  • Children’s churches
  • Girls homes
  • Fresh water well drilling
  • Feeding program

When you choose to hunt with Shikwaru, you are not only creating once in a lifetime memories of your dream African hunt, you are also helping to support the work of Reaching a Generation.Your hunt will impact lives all over Africa!

Reaching a Generation thanks you for your hunting, your tax deductible donations and your heart for Africa.

All Your Hunting Needs

Shikwaru Hunting will take care of you and your party from the time you arrive in South Africa until the end of your adventure with us.
Trophy Hunt

Family serve while you hunt?

This may not be an option since local ministry is not always taking place . Many times this is available when hunters are staying at Shikwaru Lodge along with a short term missions trip.

Don’t worry if you are the only hunter. You can still bring your family along as there are plenty of activities for your family here at Shikwaru Lodge, and the surrounding areas.

Shikwaru  is situated in the beautiful Waterburg Mountain range, which makes it an ideal place to come, rest, relax, and refresh while you take in the beauty of God’s glorious creation!

We also have a recreational center with a swimming pool, fitness center, putt-putt golf, playground
and trampoline.

Supporting Your Dream Hunt

Shikwaru Hunting will also provide you with skilled trackers and skinner for you to utilize as each step of your adventure progresses.
Dream Hunt

Family looking for something more extraordinary?

Shikwaru is located 15 minutes away from Legends extreme 19th hole golf course, as well as their Big Five game drives. At legends, you can rent quad bikes, or take a hot air balloon safari ride, and more.

Just a 30 minutes drive in the other direction, you can visit Wildthingz Lodge where you can take a walk with a lion!

You can also go for an educational adventure at the local Crocodile farm.

There are plenty exciting things for the family to enjoy just around the corner, while you go on the hunt of your dreams!

Professional Game Breeding Program

Breeding generates revenue through sales and continues to grow our animal herds here on our farm.

We take the utmost care and precautions to ensure a safe and stress-free environment for both our guests and the animals in the area during our hunting excursions.


Hunting Paradise

Our 6,000 hectare (14,825 acres) hunting  area is malaria free and lies in the summer rainfall zone.

We offer hunting safaris with world-class access to plains game, catering to the rifle and the bow hunter alike!