Values and Purpose - A broad range of relief and social programs

Shikwaru Hunting is a proud partner of Reaching a Generation. Reaching a Generation is a ministry based non-profit that was founded in South Africa. The goal of the ministry is to influence the influencers in the lives of children and youth. Hunting with us also supports a broad range of RELIEF and SOCIAL SERVICES.Hunting with us will impact the lives of thousands of children in Africa. 100% of our profits is designated to contribute to impacting the next generation of African children and families. From community work to rescuing young ladies from child mariages. Your hunt will help change lives.

Reaching a Generation
is a partner of Shikwaru Hunting

Through various strategies and ministry initiatives, Reaching a Generation has been furthering the work of the Gospel in South Africa since 2003. From the ministry base at Shikwaru Lodge, the South Africa ministry has grown into a cross-country effort, as well as an international effort! Now also running and operating a Reaching a Generation ministry base in Zambia has afford the ministry the ability to be hands on daily, as we invest in the lives of the people of Africa.

Strategies to
reach the next generation

Reaching a Generation is helping to uplift the spiritual atmosphere in South Africa and Zambia every day through: Leadership camps, archery based ministry, community wide outreaches, educator and children’s worker development, Children’s Churches, girls’ homes, fresh water well drilling, and feeding programs. When you choose to hunt with Shikwaru, you are not only creating once lifetime memories of your dream African hunt, you are also helping to support the work of Reaching a Generation. Your hunt will impact lives all over Africa! More information can be found at:

Combine your hunt
with a ministry experience

If you are traveling with your family, there are plenty of activities for them to take part in here at Shikwaru Lodge, and in the surrounding areas. Often times there are ministry opportunities available when hunters are staying at Shikwaru Lodge, especially if you are hunting alongside a short term missions team. If you and your group/family are traveling as individuals and are interested in taking part in ministry opportunities while you are here you can enquire with, as this may not be an option since local ministry is not always taking place.